PYFAR - Python packages for acoustics research


pyfar aims at providing signal processing methods, plotting functionality, and interfacing with audio devices and instrumentation in a unified and comprehensive framework for acoustics research. To ensure  good usability, the pyfar ecosystem is developed with a strong focus on documentation. Test driven development and continuous integration ensure stable and reliable code. Pyfar packages are provided under the MIT open source license allowing unrestricted educational and commercial use.

python package for acoustics research

The pyfar base package offers functionality for digital signal processing, signal generation, and plotting.

maybe the most complete python package for SOFA files so far

SOFA files store spatially distributed acoustic data such as head-related transfer functions. Sofar can read, create, write, manipulate, and verify SOFA files.

coming next...

The pyfar base package will be extendend an new packages for audio input/output to external hardware, acoustic measurements, and spherical array processing are planned.


Pyfar is completely open source and it’s license allows unrestricted educational and commercial use. It is made by the acoustics research community for the acoustics research community. We welcome any contributions – go ahead if you are in the mood.

Feedback, bugs, feature requests

The best way for any feedback, bug reports, and feature request is to open a new issue on GitHub. The GitHub projects are linked through the Code buttons above.

Add code, documentation, or funding

If you want to add code or documentation, a good starting point for ideas are the issues on GitHub. The GitHub projects are linked through the Code buttons above. If you have own ideas for contributions, may it be code, or other things, it would be best to get in touch through GitHub or before you start.


Institute for Hearing Techology and Acoustics, RWTH Aachen University

The Institute for Advanced Procrastination

Audio Communication Group, Technical University of Berlin